The growth of Hereford city and the continuing demand for milk has seen the ongoing expansion of our business which now spans three generations. Bartonsham Farm Dairies supplies quality milk throughout Herefordshire, South Shropshire, South Wales and parts of Worcestershire, and our advanced milk processing and packing plants ensure that we are the leading dairy in the region.

Bartonsham Farm Dairies supplies a comprehensive range of quality products to bottled milk buyers and semi-retailers, including caterers, schools, colleges, works canteens, small shops, local supermarkets and bakers.

Here at Bartonsham Farm Dairies all our cows are free to graze our beautiful countryside. Giving them the freedom to be the inquisitive and social creatures they are. They deserve the freedom to roam for all they give us in return.


Bartonsham Farm Dairies have teamed up with Total Produce to deliver a food box, you will receive all of the items in the picture.

You can order Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm

Tel: 01432 272941

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“Because the milk is warm when it comes out of the cow it has to be stored in a tank to cool it down before it goes into the tanker!”

“Cows can lie down for up to 14 hours a day, so their beds need to be comfortable”.